Sildenafil Citrate 100mg - Generic Viagra in Canadian Pharmacy

Many men are afflicted by the disease known as erectile dysfunction, which is responsible for making men impotent, and hence affecting their sexual life. If you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, you can opt for a treatment plan involving the use of Viagra, which provides temporary relief from ED enabling the patient to have intercourse.

Viagra, and all its different types, are composed of one main ingredient which runs the show of treating ED. This ingredient is called sildenafil citrate and is the reason why this medication is able to provide you with relief from ED. No matter which version of Viagra you use, this ingredient will always be present as without it this medication is completely useless. The generic versions of Viagra, use as their main ingredient sildenafil generic which is also just as effective as the one used in the brand name version of the medication.

In Viagra, the sildenafil dosage varies depending on different factors. If you are using the basic version of Viagra, it comes in different strengths which are prescribed to different patients depending on the extent of their disease as well as their medical condition. When you are buying Viagra sildenafil online, it is not only important for you to ensure the legitimacy of the website that you are on, but also to ensure that you know the right dosage needed by you. It can be easy to forget to check the dosage when buying your medication online and ending up with a higher strength than you require.

As we have established, Viagra is not the kind of medication that you can use without the advice of your doctor as several factors regarding your health and your case of ED need to be taken in to account. Therefore, Viagra sildenafil’s over the counter availability is next to impossible. Additionally, when purchasing this medication, it is important that you know the different dosage it comes in. Viagra dosage ranges between sildenafil 20 mg, being the highest and sildenafil 100 mg being the lowest.

Different Types of Viagra

Viagra comes in several different types including versions of Viagra under different brands names are known as generic Viagra. The only difference between Viagra and Viagra of the generic kind is that they are produced and sold by different pharmaceutical companies. In all other elements such as effectiveness and quality, both medications are as like as it is possible for them to be. Additionally, the price for both medications may also differ; online Viagra may be cheaper than that in stores, however, generic Viagra online and in stores both is cheaper than Viagra bought anywhere.

The second type to Viagra is Viagra Professional; this works wonders in cutting down the time that Viagra takes to kick in to action. The regular kind of Viagra takes about thirty to forty minutes to take action in your body, which requires that you plan your sexual activity accordingly. However, Viagra Professional steps in at this point and solves this problem a little bit by reducing the time that it takes for the medication to spring in to form. So, with Viagra Professional the reaction time comes down to a mere twenty minutes enabling you to have to plan your affairs only minimally.

The last type to Viagra is the Viagra Super Active, which for a regular user of Viagra proves to be a blessing. Viagra and Viagra Professional only take effect for a period of maximum four to five hours, which may be far less for some people. The Viagra Super Active steps in and lengthens this time from five hours to all the way up to nine hours. Additionally, it is formulated with the help of an ingredient known as dapoxetine, an anti-depressant, which relaxes the patient as well as lengthening their erection, thereby guaranteeing a more enjoyable sexual experience for the patient.